About Peninsula Hanaro Korean School

Peninsula Hanaro Korean School was established in August 2004 to teach Korean language, culture, history, and a variety of Korean tradition. School is primarily geared for Korean Americans but it is open to anyone who is interested in Korean culture in the peninsula area. With 40-50 students ranging from Kindergarten to 11th grade, it is the largest and only non church affiliated Korean School in the peninsula area. It offers language classes and cultural events every Saturday morning at McMurran Hall, Christopher Newport University in Newport News.


Our Value

  1. Developing a positive self-esteem as a Korean American through the cooperative efforts of learning Korean language, history, and culture.
  2. Offering a well-rounded education by providing enrichment classes such as Origami, Calligraphy, Korean Traditional Games, Drawing, and Drama.
  3. Strengthening students by actively involving them in the main stream of society by sharing Korean virtues and culture through community outreach cultural events.


Non-Discrimination Policy Statement

Peninsula Hanaro Korean School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, and ethnic origin in administration of its admission policies, educational policies, scholarship, other school activities, and all school administered programs.

School Schedule

Classes begin starting in September, and go until May. Classes begin at 9:30 AM and end at 12:20 PM on every Saturday.

$160.00 per student per semester. (2 semesters in 1 year)

Tuition refund policy: No refunds after classes begin.

The Board of Directors:

Peninsula Hanaro Korean School has an active board of directors. They provide the school with educational, social, and community wide fundraising activities all year round. They are also involved in assisting students and teachers in and out of classes as unpaid volunteers. Establishing educational policies; deliberating the budget and securing the financial resouces to run the school; Providing various fundraising events.

The Parent’s Association

Volunteering for the school operations and the classroom activities. Some of the past activities that the parents association have provided are a pizza party, Birthday party, Piñata, ice cream Social, and a picnic.

The Teacher’s Association:

Preparing lessons and educational materials; assigning students to prober-level classes; Developing a daily schedule of lessons; administrating school affairs ; teaching Korean language and traditions.

The Assist. Teacher’s Association

Adult and High school student volunteers, who works closely with teachers to enhance and/or provide individual instruction and supervision. Student volunteers earn community service credits toward their high school volunteer requirements. Currently we are blessed with over 13 Assistant High School Teachers, they liven up the school and energize the students.


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