Lunar New Year 2018

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Kimchi - 2/10/2018

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Christmas Show & Tell 2017

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Picture Day 10/21/17

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Chuseok - Making Songpyeon 10/7/17

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Choir 9/23/17

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First Day of School, Fall 2017

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End-of-Year Ceremony 5/20/17

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Field Day 5/13/17

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Art Day 3/11/17 - Korean fan

Art project: Making traditional samtaeguk fan.

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Brush Painting 2/11/17

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Seollal Celebration 1/21/17

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Janggu Class 1/14/17

All the students got to try some basic janggu techniques taught by a guest teacher.

Cooking Hotteok 12-03-2016

Everyone tried their hand at making the popular Korean snack called "Hotteok," pancakes filled with various sweet fillings or cheese.  Only a few photos were uploaded to this page, but you can check out all the photos by clicking HERE.

Learning to make triangle kimbap

On 11/19/2016, Hallasan class had fun learning how to make triangle kimbap, which is a popular snack in Korea.  

Brush Writing 11-19-2016

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Open House 2016

There was an open house on 10/22/16. After a brief parents meeting, the parents were invited to observe their children's classes.  We want to thank everyone who could attend!!

School Picture Day

Picture day was September 24 and October 1.  We had great fun taking class pictures and trying different poses. 

Chuseok (September 2016)

Our school celebrated Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) on September 17, 2016.  Everyone got to try some songpyeon (sweet rice cakes) and made Korean hacky sack called "jegi," ending the day with a jegi-chagi contest outside.

Korean New Year (February 2016)

All the students and staff were invited to wear their traditional Korean costume (Hanbok) to school for our Korean New Year celebration.  The day included Korean food, games, and traditional bowing to the elders (parents) who were invited to join the celebration.