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Peninsula Hanaro Korean School

Sharing the language and culture of Korea

About Our School

Peninsula Hanaro Korean School was established in August 2004 to teach Korean language, culture, history, and a variety of Korean traditions.  Our school is primarily geared for Korean Americans, but it is open to anyone who is interested in the Korean culture in the Peninsula area. With 40-50 students ranging in age from kindergarten to adult, it is the largest and only non-church affiliated Korean school in the Peninsula area. 


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2023-2024 School Year



2024 Fall Semester 






Our Classes

King Sejong Class

1st - 2nd Grade

Guh-Buk-Seon Class

2nd - 4th Grade

Yi-Sun-Sin Class

4th Grade - Middle School

Baek-Du-San Class

5th Grade - High School

(Advanced Korean)

Je-Ju-Do Class

High School - Adult

(Beginning Korean)

Listed above are classes currently offered. Classes will likely change each semester according to the number of students registered and the availability of teachers. 


Photo Gallery

Sungmi Kim

Outgoing principal explains her vision and hope for the school

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